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Sobre mí

01 the group

TriCiclo was born from the illusion of offering something unique to lovers of good food.

We have tried to create in our different spaces an informal atmosphere, and close treatment.

From the most cañí cuisine, through the wild embers, to getting lost in a very Italian twist. We want each of your visits to disconnect you from the hustle and bustle of the routine

and that you immerse yourself in high-level gastronomic experiences.

And it is precisely that passion to create experiences, which led us to bet on catering and the store, so that we can accompany you home and on every special occasion.

In TriCiclo there is only one protagonist, and it is you, the gastronomic adventurer who is looking for cuisine

pure, good, without frills or pretensions.


02 Triciclo with all the letters

Discover our spaces...



Our soul and origin


fire shrine



The Elise

Our cañí bar



The trattoria of the group



Your event with the signature Triciclo


flower veil

Flowers, wines and something else...


03 the challenge

The biggest challenge that we have been faced with is to weave the personalities of our spaces with a single heart, with this effervescent passion that leads us to create nonstop.

We have made strategic alliances with small and large local producers, seeking to offer a seasonal menu in each category, always seeking to promote sustainable gastronomy.


04 contact

Loyalty is the greatest treasure of this house, and your support has always been crucial. Sign up for our news and be among the first to know about new menu items, events and new openings.

Thank you! we keep in spam, we promise.

Phone:910 24 47 98

Calle Santa María 28, 28014, Madrid Spain.

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